Monsoon ride to nowhere!

I wanted to update the interesting part 2 of the ride to Chickmagalur blog but I got too occupied in figuring out things for my next ride. I do plan to write it soon though.

The monsoon is finally here and it is this time of the year when I was supposed to ride to LEH Ladakh, my preparations began 8 months ago. But, I too hit a roadblock that most ‘wanderlusters’ face. After getting a Big ‘for now NO’ from my dad who actually helped me in the trip preparations, I have a lot of brand new touring stuff left with me that I have to put to use, but more importantly, the itch down within me to ride solo for multiple days has multiplied tremendously and now that must be cooled down before it heats up things around me (it already has set fire to a few things).

Fortunately, the excitement within hasn’t died yet just because LEH is uncertain, what’s even better for me is that there is no specified finish line to my tour and this uncertainity is certainly a part of my comfort zone.

All I know is that I must head North. With no destination in mind, I may head to Rajasthan, Himachal, Kashmir or even LEH perhaps if things turn to my favour OR, I may make a U-turn somewhere and head to Kanyakumari. It all depends on what I decide to do at a particular moment.

Goodbye for now!

Duke getting tour ready






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    Hi There…good to spot you yesterday around 6ish crossing BKC, on to the Western express highway…! Hope you are having fun. I am excited to follow you and your journey. Have a good time. Ride safe and cheers…

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      Hey shrutidhar,
      Thank you so much for the wishes! I’m having an awesome time right now, rains are fun to ride in. I was happy till I reached the western express highway because that is where I experinced the longest traffic jam till date. But that’s all part of an awesome journey in the making 🙂
      Will post about the whole trip once I reach Blore.

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    Hi . Where did you get this panniers done in bangalore? How much did they come up to? These look very useful for touring. I’m always worried about luggage secured using bungee cords whenever I’m doing solos. Also where are you put up in bangalore?

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      Hey, the panniers are from Dirtsack. I’ve reviewed them here, that should help you. I’m put in North Bangalore, feel free do drop in a mail to in case you want more details on them 🙂

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