5 reasons to avoid Nandi hills on a Sunday morning

Planning a nice Sunday morning ride with your other half or friends and you suddenly spawn upon Nandi Hills as an option? Don’t! Riding up the hill of Nandi on a Sunday morning can leave you frustrated, angry, exhausted and maybe even injured. I’ve heard of traffic jams at 5.30 AM on the foothills of Nandi that are longer than a kilometer. You see, tired, exhausted, frustrated people of the world get time on weekends to go out with their families and friends and so, a lot of them from Bangalore head out to Nandi hills on Sunday mornings, just to have as much fun as they would’ve had throughout the week while they were at work. Saturday’s aren’t as mad as Sundays yet, primarily because India is still in that phase of time where not all businesses consider Saturday to be a weekend holiday. Here’s why you shouldn’t even consider riding up Nandi Hills on Sundays:

Nandi hills on sunday
Nandi hills on a sunday morning . Courtesy-

1)  Rental car enthusiasts: As Jeremy Clarkson once said, that the fastest car in the world is a rental car. A lot of the kids and car rental customers take that point seriously because they drive the rental cars like there’s no tomorrow. If you have breakfast at the foot of Nandi hills, you will notice at least one broken down rental car being towed. I’ve seen a lot of the kids with their girlfriends and boyfriends who drive on the wrong side of the road, almost crashing into oncoming people. What’s worse, a lot of the people who rent cars aren’t frequent, habituated drivers but still choose a hill to drive up to in a car they’ve never driven before. That could be an open invitation to an… Accident!

Nandi hills on sunday
See a rental car on the road? Stay cautious

2)  Hungover people:
If ever I’ve spoken to strangers and taxi drivers on Sunday mornings on Nandi hills, a lot of them emitted horrible toxic odour from their mouths, a sign that they got sloshed on Saturday night and still had weird looks on their faces with a headache. That Isn’t the best of conditions to be in when driving up a hill that is immersed into the clouds with views on the left side that could make one lose their senses! In such instances, people have no sense of judgement, drive or ride on the wrong side of the road, overtake when there’s a blind corner approaching or just stop abruptly in the middle of the road to click a selfie! Such people are in a state that is a little moderate than being high and on a hilly area, one’s senses need to be sharp, which they clearly wouldn’t be early in the morning if they almost screwed their liver up the previous night. Of course, the most common thing I hear them say is that they’re completely sober even after when they went to bed at 3 AM after finishing up their drinks. Those are the people you shouldn’t trust completely, especially when they claim they are sober when they turn up at 8 AM for a ride. 🙂

Nandi hills on sunday
A different type of reality

3)  Superbikers:
Now a lot of them who ride Superbikes don’t ride up the hill as many prefer avoiding curves. Yes, I know that’s contradictory but still. The others who do ride up the hill are cautious but not everybody. For a lot of these guys, the narrow hill road turns into a track and they themselves transform into Max Wrist. What’s worse, the crowd they see by the side of the road fuels their ego to the limit that causes a reaction at the throttle so that they go and crash into a tree or another vehicle. Sometimes it is hilarious to see that happen but sometimes it isn’t. In fact, I feel Sundays are the days when state and national highways are the most dangerous roads to be riding on, especially when a Superbike flies by me at over 230 kmph with the speedo still climbing, just to get caught doing so in by a camera.

Nandi hills on sunday
Too fast, too furious!

4)  Couples:
I once noticed a lady pop out of the bush and onto the road with her boyfriend holding onto her while I tapped on the front brake of my KTM Duke 390. A lot of the couples find time for each other on Sundays but I don’t have even the slightest clue of why they prefer a crowded place on a Sunday morning like Nandi hills. Many a times, they are so engrossed into each other that the guy doesn’t even realize he’s riding the bike on the wrong side of the road, but he does realise when a tempo almost wacks him off the cliff. The couples have no clue of the their surroundings! What’s worse though is that you find both of them on motorcycles without helmets. The girl sometimes does hold onto her boyfriend’s helmet in her hand but hey, will she be willing to hold the condom while he does her? Protection of any kind is a good thing, use it when you have it! More couples on Sundays= more chances for catastrophes.

Nandi hills on sunday
Couples view this differently.

5)  Environment impact:
The number of retards I see on weekends throwing cigarette packets around, feeding monkeys, blowing smoke from their diesel engines, plucking flowers, shouting, throwing garbage. I mean, the kind of impact it has on the flora and fauna around is very much evident and scarily, it will be more evident as the months pass by. I wouldn’t mind if people drove up to Nandi hills without doing much damage and it is on Sundays that you see a lot of it happening. Try going up the hill on a weekday morning and you’ll see the difference in the absence of these clowns. I remember going up the hill frequently On Sundays 2 years ago when my motorcycle was new and the scene wasn’t this bad but now, it is! What is worse is though is when you see a lot of hotels and eateries coming up on the foothills and the trash that’s been thrown around. It’s a downhill domino effect for nature in that region.

Nandi hills on sunday
The scene a few years ago

I do ride on Sundays with some of my friends but we don’t ride up the hill, we mostly have breakfast on the way and head back home, so as to not contribute to the madness that goes on and to try and not get ourselves killed. If you’d like to see what I’m talking about, head to the foothills of Nandi on a Sunday morning at 6 AM and observe all that happens around you.

What do you think?